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Buying grain, seeds and other products

We are engaged in the trade of agricultural crops. It works with small farms, as well as mills, feed mixing plants and large traders at home and abroad

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Headquarters - 30 Bysewska Street, 80-298 Gdańsk

About us

We are on the market
since 2018

We are a company that specializes in trading grain and other agricultural crops. FPT is based in Poland, where it has a large base of Polish partners, but we operate throughout Europe. We offer high quality products at competitive prices
and we guarantee fast delivery. For the past five years we have been proving that we are a trusted partner for producers and consumers who value a good quality product.
FPT is not just a trading company - it is a "bridge" between producers and customers of agricultural products.


We trade in all agricultural products, and these are, for example:













and others

FPT BIO was founded to focus on EKO products

FPT was founded in early 2018. At that time, the company traded in both conventional and organic agricultural products. With the passage of time and the rapid growth of the company, the decision was made to separate the two and establish a new company that deals exclusively with products certified organic - including those in conversion.

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